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MPMA Framework
-- An open-source multiplatform framework targetted at writing games and real-time applications

v0.4 - 2012 Jan 10
Support for gamepad/joystick input. Unified input for buttons/axes of all device types. Persistent identifiers for input objects. Audio streaming rewritten to optionally support cooperative multitasking. Fullscreen graphics mode implemented.
Download - API Documentation

v0.3 - 2011 Mar 21
A high level OpenAL wrapper for audio output. OpenGL extensions support. OpenGL wrappers for Textures, Vertex Buffers and Index Buffers. Helpers for loading images from files to textures and for rendering text. MPMA now also compiles 64-bit.
Download - API Documentation

v0.2 - 2008 Aug 9
Simple window management and OpenGL setup are in, as well as a set of functions for mouse and keyboard input. The network api has been improved, including the addition of basic UPNP to allow stuff to work behind NATs. Download - API Documentation

v0.1 - 2008 Feb 13
This adds a set of classes for networking (udp, tcp, and dns). A threadpool class and a threaded task executor were also added.
Download - API Documentation

v0.0 - 2007 Oct 20
This release is primarily a set of common operating-system functions. Threads, locks, timers, debug aids, and that sort of thing are in this version. A basic geometry library for Vectors and Matrices is also included.
Download - API Documentation

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