MPMA Framework Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AutoDelete< T >Automatically free a single object when this loses scope
AutoDeleteArray< T >Automatically free an array of objects when this loses scope
MPMA::BlockingObjectAn object that can be used to block a thread until another thread signals it to resume
MPMA::DirectoryRepresents a directory that can be browsed and navigated
MPMA::FilenameConstruct this with a non-absolute filename using either windows or linux style, to generate a filename for whatever platform this is running on. Filenames that begin with ~ are relative to the users home directory
MPMA::InitAndShutdownYou MUST declare this (and only 1 of it) at the start of the scope in which you want the framework to be used. It will handle all setup and cleanup required. Most likely you want to do this at the start of main()
GEO::Matrix2A 2x2 matrix
GEO::Matrix3A 3x3 matrix
GEO::Matrix4A 4x4 matrix
GEO::MatrixN< rowCount >Base type of all square matrices
MemManSingleton (mMan). Do not instantiate. The memory manager
MPMA::MutexLockMutex (re-entrant safe)
MPMA::RouterInputThe program will send it's debug data to instances of this. This will take data and marshell it to all attached outputs
MPMA::RouterOutputImplementations of this are output targets which can accept debug data from a RouterInput and output it to anything it likes
MPMA::RouterOutputFileA simple RouterInputOutput implementation that writes output to a file (overridding the file)
MPMA::RouterOutputStdoutA simple RouterInputOutput implementation that writes output to a stdout
MPMA::RWSleepLockReaderWriter sleep-lock (re-entrant safe). Read locks don't block each other out, but Write locks are exclusive to all other locks
MPMA::SpinLockSpinlock (NOT re-entrant safe) that reverts to a sleeplock on single cpu systems. If no lock-contention occurs, these is extremely little overhead in use
MPMA::SystemInfoInformation about the system. These are readable anytime after init. Values which are not possible to obtain will be populated with sane defaults
MPMA::TakeMutexLockUsed to lock/unlock a MutexLock automatically using scope. The lock is released on dustruction
MPMA::TakeRWSleepLockUsed to lock/unlock a RWSleepLock automatically using scope. The lock is released on dustruction
MPMA::TakeSpinLockUsed to lock/unlock a spinlock automatically using scope. The lock is released on destruction
MPMA::ThreadRepresents a thread
MPMA::ThreadParamA user-defined parameter passed to the thread procedure
MPMA::TimerA timer
MPMA::VaryA variable that can have eithar an integral, real, or string type. It can convert itself between the different types
GEO::Vector2A 2d vector or point
GEO::Vector3A 3d vector or point
GEO::Vector4A 4d vector or point
GEO::VectorN< elemCount >Base type of all vectors

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