MPMA Framework File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
base/Debug.hDebugging helpers
base/DebugRouter.hDebug output router
base/File.hFile name converter and file management functions
base/Info.hRetrieves information about the system
base/Locks.hThread locking constructs and atomic functions
base/MemMan.hHandles memory management and tracking/debugging
base/MiscStuff.hA bunch of mismatched but useful functions
base/Profiler.hProfile the speed of sections of code
base/Setup.hInitialization and configuration options for different parts of the framework
base/Thread.hThread creation and management
base/Timer.hA class for measuring time passed with a high degree of precision (sub ms level)
base/Types.hDefinition of basic data types, so there is no ambiguity between different platforms and compilers
base/Vary.hA variable type variable
geo/Geo.hVector and matrix primitives and operations
geo/GeoInterpolators.hSome common interpolation stuff

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