File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
base/Debug.h [code]Debugging helpers
base/DebugRouter.h [code]Debug output router
base/File.h [code]File name converter and file management functions
base/Info.h [code]Retrieves information about the system
base/Locks.h [code]Thread locking constructs and atomic functions
base/Memory.h [code]Handles memory management and tracking/debugging
base/MiscStuff.h [code]A bunch of mismatched but useful functions
base/Profiler.h [code]Profile the speed of sections of code
base/Setup.cppWindow system and OpenGL setup
base/Setup.h [code]Initialization and configuration options for different parts of the framework
base/Thread.h [code]Thread creation and management
base/ThreadedTask.h [code]Paralellize a task using threads
base/Timer.h [code]A class for measuring time passed with a high degree of precision (sub ms level)
base/Types.h [code]Definition of basic data types, so there is no ambiguity between different platforms and compilers
base/Vary.h [code]A variable type variable
base/linux/LocksLin32.h [code]
base/win32/alt_windows.h [code]
base/win32/evil_windows.h [code]
base/win32/LocksWin32.h [code]
geo/Geo.h [code]Vector and matrix primitives and operations
geo/GeoBases.h [code]
geo/GeoInterpolators.h [code]Some common interpolation stuff
geo/GeoIntersect.h [code]
geo/GeoObjects.h [code]
gfxsetup/Extensions.cppOpenGL Extension setup
gfxsetup/Extensions.h [code]OpenGL Extension setup
gfxsetup/GFXSetup.h [code]
gfxsetup/GL.h [code]Includes OpenGL's gl.h. This should be used instead of directly including gl.h, and before glu.h or others are included
input/Keyboard.cppKeyboard input platform-common code
input/Keyboard.h [code]Keyboard input. Note that all input relies on the window being set up first
input/Mouse.cppMouse input for linux
input/Mouse.h [code]Mouse input. Note that all input relies on the window being set up first
input/Unified.cppUnified input platform-common code
input/Unified.h [code]Unified input for keyboard+mouse+gamepad. Note that all input relies on the window being set up first
input/win32/KeyboardWin32.cppKeyboard input for windows
input/win32/MouseWin32.cppMouse input for windows
net/Common.h [code]Common structs and functions used by the different protocols
net/PlatformSockets.h [code]
net/TCP.h [code]TCP/IP client and server(listener)
net/UDP.h [code]UDP packet flinging
net/UPNP.cppUtilities to help poke holes in evil NATs
net/UPNP.h [code]Utilities to help poke holes in evil NATs

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