MPMA Framework 0.4
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GEO::AARectoidAxis-aligned 3d rectangle
NET::AddressRepresents an IP address and port
GFX::AutoBindIndexBufferHelper to automatically bind an index buffer then unbind it when the scope ends
GFX::AutoBindShaderProgramHelper to automatically bind a shader program then unbind it when it leaves scope
GFX::AutoBindTextureHelper to automatically bind a texture then unbind it when the scope ends
GFX::AutoBindVertexBufferHelper to automatically bind a vertex buffer then unbind it when the scope ends
MPMA::AutoDelete< T >Automatically free a single object when this loses scope
MPMA::AutoDeleteArray< T >Automatically free an array of objects when this loses scope
GEO::AxisAlignedEllipseEllipse aligned to the x and y axis
INPUT::GAME::AxisSetRepresents a set of related axes on a device
MPMA::BlockingObjectAn object that can be used to block a thread until another thread signals it to resume. This is a reference counted object, so all copies of the object still refer to the same lock
INPUT::GAME::ButtonRepresents a button on a device
INPUT::GAME::DeviceRepresents a game device, such as a joystick or gamepad
AUDIO::EmptySourceGenerates nothing
GFX::EncodedTextText encoded with color information
MPMA::FilenameRepresents a file name or directory name, which can navigated or created. This can be constructed using a either windows or a linux style path. Names that begin with ~ are relative to the users home directory. A filename may be in relative form or as an absolute path
MPMA::FileUtilsFile system utilities
AUDIO::FlacFileSourceReads sound from a .flac file
GFX::GraphicsSetupRepresents the state of graphics system and its related window. Everything in here can be both changed or read from
GFX::IndexBufferRepresents an index buffer object
MPMA::InitAndShutdownYou MUST declare this (and only 1 of it) at the start of the scope in which you want the framework to be used. It will handle all setup and cleanup required. Most likely you want to do this at the start of main()
GFX::InterleavedVertexFormatRepresents the combination of vertex components
GEO::LineA line or ray
GEO::Line2DA line or ray
AUDIO::LoopSourceSource that creates a streaming infinite length loop from another source. If reading data reaches the end or the loop endpoint, it seeks back to the loop start point
GEO::Matrix2A 2x2 matrix
GEO::Matrix3A 3x3 matrix
GEO::Matrix4A 4x4 matrix
GEO::MatrixN< rowCount >Base type of all square matrices (row-based)
AUDIO::MonoToStereoSourceCombines two mono sources into a stereo source
INPUT::MOUSE::MousePixelPositionIn absolute mode, this represents the location of the mouse cursor, measured in pixels from the origin, which is the lower left corner of the window. In relative mode this represents the number of pixels the mouse moved in each direction since the last frame
INPUT::MOUSE::MouseScaledPositionRepresents the location of the mouse cursor, measured from the origin, which is the lower left corner of the window. Both X and Y are a number between 0 and 1. This is only used in absolute mode
MPMAMemoryManagerThe memory manager. This is a global singleton: mpmaMemoryManager. Do not instantiate this yourself
MPMA::MutexLockA (re-entrant safe) lock based on the operating system's mutexes
GEO::PlaneA plane
AUDIO::PlayerUsed to play sound buffers sources
MPMA::ReferenceCountedData< DataType >Deriving from this allows multiple instances of a class to share data, which will be automatically freed when the last instance is freed
MPMA::RouterInputThe program will send it's debug data to instances of this. This will take data and marshell it to all attached outputs
MPMA::RouterOutputImplementations of this are output targets which can accept debug data from a RouterInput and output it to anything it likes
MPMA::RouterOutputFileA simple RouterInputOutput implementation that writes output to a file (overridding the file)
MPMA::RouterOutputStdoutA simple RouterInputOutput implementation that writes output to a stdout
MPMA::RWSleepLockReaderWriter sleep-lock (re-entrant safe). Read locks don't block each other, but Write locks are exclusive to all other locks. This is a reference counted object, so all copies of the object still refer to the same lock
GFX::ScreenSizeRepresents a the size of a window or screen
GFX::ShaderCodeRepresents source and compiled shader code pieces
GFX::ShaderProgramRepresents a shader program
AUDIO::SourceRepresents a source of sound sample data
GEO::SphereA sphere
MPMA::SpinLockA light-weight spin-lock (NOT re-entrant safe from the same thread) that reverts to a sleeplock on single cpu systems. This is a reference counted object, so all copies of the object still refer to the same lock
AUDIO::StaticBufferUsed to store static buffer data that can be re-used without having to re-read it from a source every time it is played
MPMA::SystemInfoInformation about the system. These are readable anytime after init. Values which are not possible to obtain will be populated with sane defaults
MPMA::TakeMutexLockUsed to lock/unlock a MutexLock automatically using scope. The lock is released on dustruction
MPMA::TakeRWSleepLockUsed to lock/unlock a RWSleepLock automatically using scope. The lock is released on dustruction
MPMA::TakeSpinLockUsed to lock/unlock a spinlock automatically using scope. The lock is released on destruction
NET::TCPClientRepresents a stream-based reliable connection to another PC
NET::TCPServerListens for new connections and spawns a TCPClient to recieve them
GFX::TextColorRepresents a text color change
GFX::Texture2DRepresents a two dimensional texture
GFX::TextureBaseBase class for the other texture classes
GFX::TextureCreateParametersParameters used in the creation of a texture
GFX::TextureDimensionsRepresents the dimensions of a texture
GFX::TextWriterGenerates and renders a transparent texture with opaque text
MPMA::ThreadRepresents a thread
MPMA::ThreadParamA user-defined parameter passed to the thread procedure
MPMA::ThreadPoolA pool of pre-created threads
MPMA::TimerA timer
NET::UDPClientUsed to send udp packets
INPUT::UnifiedAxisSetUniquely identifies an axis contraption. Any given device type may have more than one set of axes
INPUT::UnifiedButtonRepresents an input button from an arbitrary device
GFX::UniformVariableRepresents a uniform variable in a shader program. The program must be bound before any values may be set
MPMA::VaryA variable that can have eithar an integral, real, or string type. It can convert itself between the different types
MPMA::VaryStringThis is the same as Vary, except it is always has the type of "string"
GEO::Vector1A 1d value
GEO::Vector2A 2d vector or point
GEO::Vector3A 3d vector or point
GEO::Vector4A 4d vector or point
GEO::VectorN< elemCount >Base type of all vectors
GFX::VertexBufferRepresents a vertex buffer object
GFX::VertexComponentFormatAn individual vertex component's use, type, and number of elements. One or more of these are combined to make a InterleavedVertexFormat
AUDIO::VorbisFileSourceReads sound from a .ogg/.ogm file
AUDIO::WavFileSourceReads sound from a .wav file
AUDIO::WhiteNoiseSourceWhite noise generator
GEO::XAlignedUnboundedCylinderA an unbounded cylendar aligned along the x axis
GEO::YAlignedEllipsoidAn ellipsoid whose stretch is aligned along the y axis
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